Sounds & Spirits Concert Series–Uncommon Collective


Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

Sounds & Spirits Concert Series



Uncommon Collective


Saturday, Dec 10, 2016

Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

Troup Square

7:00 PM


 aAn eclectic blend of contemporary, standards, jazz and bluegrass

With some holiday favorites thrown in for good measure!

Followed by wine reception


For audiences of ages 13 and above

Admission $20 at the door and online at

Pathway To Membership Classes

Are you interested in knowing more about Unitarian Universalism? Do you want to belong to this welcoming congregation? If you are considering membership, then we invite you to two classes for prospective members. The next Pathway to Membership sessions: UU Heritage, Saturday December 10th at 10am in the Minister’s Study (ends with lunch). UU Connections and Community, Sunday 9:30 am in the Common Room (starts with coffee and light breakfast). Please register for classes by clicking the link here Childcare available with advance request to Rev. Gaye, 

Unitarian Universalism: A Direction, Not a Path

Unitarian Universalism is not a set of steps one takes to get to a predetermined end point. We do not preach an end, but an ongoing process. We expect to continue to learn; adapting, and improving throughout our lifetimes and passing our mission to future generations. Our heaven, the Beloved Community, will not be a single creation. We expect a perpetual work in progress, constantly adjusting to new needs and new information.


Unitarian Universalism is not a clear path we walk, but a direction we all head in. We get there together, but each of us is allowed our own pace. Each of us sets our own priorities and attends our own spiritual and emotional needs. We may stop and smell the flowers, pick the rocks from our shoe, or wander to see what’s over that hill. Some of us will rush ahead, or where we believe ahead might be, and make notes for the rest to ponder as they plan their path forward. Others will be content following behind the trailblazers and participating in the rituals and milestones created for them.


We do not expect that we will all have the same experiences along the way. Each perspective matters, though, in helping us plan future steps.

From the:  The I Am UU Project