Nonviolent Communication Practice Group Forming Now!

Nonviolent Communication Practice Group Wednesday September 13th,
UU Church of Augusta, 6:30 pm Common Room
Nonviolent Communication is the revolutionary, compassion based approach to communication, self-expression and empathy in action. You will have the opportunity to learn active listening skills, express feelings and needs, earn trust and express anger fully without escalating conflict. NVC is the practical expression of compassion in daily life. Our first study and practice session will begin Wednesday, September 13, in the Common Room. Sessions will last from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. Sessions will continue every second Wednesday of the month. Potlucks will be encouraged and provided by session members. Childcare can be arranged upon request. We will form groups in the first session, as well as negotiating structure and expectations. The facilitator will provide an overview of what and how we will learn together. Admission is always free, although a book purchase will be required to study assigned homework. The book  is “Nonviolent Communication 3rd edition” by Marshall Rosenberg.  There is also a companion workbook that will be used to work off of in sessions but the workbook is not required for the sessions.  The book may be purchased here through Amazon Smile: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, 3rd Edition The door is open to new members. See Chris Garcia ( for more information. Sign up sheet at the Welcome table or at this form Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life


“What is want in my life is compassion,
A flow between myself and others based
On a mutual giving from the heart.”
Marshall Rosenberg